Thomas DiLorenzo – Myth Of The Robber Barons

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Professor DiLorenzo untangles twisted history regarding the so-called “robber barons.” (2005)

Professor Friedman clarifies the motives of protectionism and explains why free trade policies benefit the masses. (1978) Apologies for poor video quality at times.

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John Stossel – Amtrak Off The Rails

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Amtrack is another grossly wasteful big government creation.

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Milton Friedman – Orwellian Newspeak

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Milton Friedman cuts through political smoke and mirrors to identify government’s operating premise.

More news on liberty issues at

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Guest host Tom Woods is joined by economist Bob Murphy and Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin. Conventional wisdom is pilloried, mercilessly.

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Sen. Paul discusses rising gas prices across the country

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Tom Woods, New York Times bestselling author of Meltdown, replies to Rick Santorum’s claims that gold doesn’t prevent price inflation and that we need inflation in order to prosper.

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What Motivates Us?

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Prof. Mario Villarreal-Diaz claims that incentives matter, especially in a world of scarcity. Market prices, for instance, are a very powerful incentive. When the price of a good rises, consumers look for substitutes or ways to economize. Producers, on the other hand, look to increase output. When the price of a good falls, consumers will purchase more of it and producers will look for ways to cut back production.

Economists tend to focus on monetary incentives, but acknowledge that these incentives are not the only ones that matter. The world is populated with billions of unique individuals who are all motivated by different things. People are motivated by reputation, love, time, etc…

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Jeffrey Tucker interviews Mark Brandly, professor of economics at Ferris State University, and discusses the politics and economics of oil. Brandly is author of the article “What Can We Do about Gasoline Prices?”:

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Ron Paul – Cut the Spending: March 29, 2011

On March 29, 2011, in Home, by admin

Congressman Ron Paul joins Neil Cavuto to discuss the potential of a government shutdown, his concern for spending, the implications of the current political climate, the consequences of fiscal irresponsibility and hope for reform, and the pending threat of price inflation. Reclaim the Constitution. Restore the Republic.

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Ron Paul on Nuclear Energy and Japan 03/15/11

On March 16, 2011, in Home, by admin

Ron Paul joins David Asman on America’s Nightly Scoreboard to discuss the disaster in Japan, nuclear power, knee-jerk reactions, global economics, rising prices, and Keynesian policies.

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