John Stossel – Corporate Freeloaders

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Politicians have plenty of incentives to create corporate freeloaders.

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Archived from the live broadcast, this lecture by Bob Murphy was presented at the 2012 Mises University in Auburn, Alabama. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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Thomas DiLorenzo – Myth Of The Robber Barons

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Professor DiLorenzo untangles twisted history regarding the so-called “robber barons.” (2005)

Professor Friedman explains the principles that govern imports, exports and exchange rates.

Source: Milton Friedman Speaks
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Tom Woods talks to Jeffrey Herbener, a professor who taught mainstream economics until he read Mises and became convinced of the Austrian case.

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Merv Christ, owner of The Prime Cut (Bakersfield, CA), joins John to discuss why minimum wage laws have made life more difficult for low skill workers and spelled the end for movie ushers and gas station attendants.

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Thomas DiLorenzo – Myths About Capitalism

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Professor Thomas DiLorenzo address common misconceptions about capitalism.

Professor Friedman clarifies the motives of protectionism and explains why free trade policies benefit the masses. (1978) Apologies for poor video quality at times.

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What is LearnLiberty?

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LearnLiberty is a resource for learning about the ideas of a free society. Our goal is to provide a starting point for conversations on important questions:

• What is the nature of man and society?
• What are the best ways to organize human society?
• What is the proper role for government?

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From his TV special “Stupid In America” John Stossel reports on the success of charter schools and the effects of the teachers’ unions.

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David Henderson – A Case For Freedom

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Economist David Henderson shares the insights and influences that have led him to a sophisticated understanding of economics and freedom.

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Thomas Sowell – A Personal Odyssey

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Uncommon knowledge host Peter Robinson investigates Professor Sowell’s journey from Marxist to free market advocacy.

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John Stossel – The Future Of Liberty

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David Boaz (CATO) and Nick Gillespie ( join John to discuss the politics of individual liberty, social tolerance and fiscal responsibility.

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Milton Friedman – A Limit On Spending

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Professor Friedman proposes a mechanism that empowers politicians to say no to special interests.

Professor DiLorenzo lectures on the system where the consumer is king.

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Sowell discusses how intellectuals embrace self-serving assumptions in matters of race and poverty. Peter Robinson (Uncommon Knowledge) is the interviewer.

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David Henderson explains how narrowly focused government goals erode the liberties of Americans. Cameo by Rahm Emanuel.

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Source: C-Span
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Bestselling author Tom Woods addresses the Texas State Libertarian Convention, June 9, 2012.

Thanks to Jon Roland for the video.

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Mr. Schiff Returns to Washington

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Does Washington have the American taxpayers’ interests as their top priority? Watch as lobbyists drown out your voice and Peter fights the tide.

Go to to order my new book, “The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy—How to Save Yourself and Your Country”

6:06 – My Opening Statement

11:16 – “I don’t know whether to go to Mr. Schiff or not, but I guess I will” – Judy Biggert (R)
I explain to Chairwoman Judy Biggert why federal involvement in home lending has created more problems than it has solved.

16:22 – “Despite all the sound and fury, there’s not a lot of details…” – Robert Hurt (R)
My proposals that old regulations be repealed, rather than new ones proposed, in order for the free market to come up with solutions are repeatedly lost on Congressman Robert Hurt.

25:16 – “Mr. Schiff, I just have one question…” – Emanuel Cleaver (D)
Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II unsuccessfully tries to ‘nail’ me. Instead, a spirited discussion ensues in which I remind the congressman of the moral hazard and economic costs of government subsidies.

30:38 – “Maybe that happens in an Ayn Rand novel…” – Dan Sherman (D)
Congressman Dan Sherman asserts that as a practical matter the federal government, in one way or another, insures all homes, and that only characters in an Ayn Rand novel would believe otherwise.


Oversight of Federal Housing Administration’s Multifamily Insurance Programs


Ms. Marie Head, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Multifamily Housing Programs, Office of Housing, Federal Housing Administration

Mr. Michael Bodaken, President, National Housing Trust

Ms. Sheila Crowley, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Low Income Housing Coalition

Ms. Mary Kenney, Executive Director, Illinois Housing Development Authority, on behalf of the National Council of State Housing Agencies

Mr. Rodrigo López, President and Chief Executive Officer, AmeriSphere, on behalf of the Mortgage Bankers Association

Mr. Richard L. Mostyn, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, The Bozzuto Group, on behalf of the National Multi Housing Council

Mr. Robert F. Nielsen, Immediate Past Chairman, National Association of Home Builders

Mr. Joseph L. Pagliari, Jr., Clinical Professor of Real Estate, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Mr. Peter Schiff, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Global Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital

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FULL testimony here:

Watch Peter’s last testimony here:
Part 1 –
Part 2 –

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Thomas Sowell – Intellectuals And Society

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The visions of intellectuals have been allowed to overrule the wisdom and self-interest of individuals. Excerpts from Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson. See past episodes at

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