Is Paul Krugman a Coward?

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Paul Krugman, noted Keynesian, has been challenged to a public debate by Robert Murphy of the free-market Austrian School of economics. Right now nearly $75,000 will go to charity if Krugman agrees. The pledge number is rising. Keep the pressure on:

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Walter E Williams – Morality Crisis

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America is in crisis. Professor Williams contends morality is at the root.

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Professor Friedman clarifies the motives of protectionism and explains why free trade policies benefit the masses. (1978) Apologies for poor video quality at times.

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Williams With Sowell – Progressive Racism

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Walter E Williams and Thomas Sowell discuss the role of intellectuals in promoting racism.

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Seen on C-SPAN2: Senator John McCain (R-AZ) defends Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, against accusations she’s part of conspiracy by the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the top reaches of the U.S. government.

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A Liberty Inventory

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Taking stock in Summer 2012 of the promising candidates, changing attitudes and positive trends that Ron Paul’s liberty movement continues to make possible.

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Ayn Rand & The Prophecy Of Atlas Shrugged

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Presented here is the opening from “Ayn Rand and the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged,” a powerful and beautifully produced documentary DVD that looks into the ideas and philosophy that inspired Rand’s masterpiece novel. Written as a solemn warning, many now recognize Atlas Shrugged as a prophecy.

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From C-Span coverage: Ron Barber (D-AZ) is sworn into the House of Representatives by Speaker Boehner. Barber fills the seat vacated by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in January 2012. You can watch her resignation here:

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Our founders did their best to protect the people from their natural enemy.

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Political trends indicate that American youth now reject the statism of both parties and embrace smaller government.

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The story of John Horse and the Black Seminoles has been largely untold, but they deserve to be remembered for a number of reasons:

- They created the largest haven in the U.S. South for runaway slaves.
- They led the largest slave revolt in U.S. history.
- They secured the only emancipation of rebellious slaves prior to the U.S. Civil War.
- The formed the largest mass exodus of slaves across the United States and, ultimately, to Mexico.

Learn more about this remarkable story that has been overlooked by Hollywood, popular culture, and even historians. This group of freedom fighters—who ultimately found peace, liberty, and prosperity—is worth remembering.

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A Portrait of the Iron Lady

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Biographer John Blundell visited the Goldwater Institute on March 16, 2012, to discuss his book “Margaret Thatcher: A Portrait of the Iron Lady”. Blundell’s relates in warm detail why Thatcher was such an effective advocate for freedom and an inspiration for women leaders in particular.

Lady Thatcher declared that John Blundell is “very well placed to explain to Americans the beliefs and principles which underpinned what became known as ‘Thatcherism.’”

John is a past President of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University and recently completed his latest book, “Ladies For Liberty: Women Who Made a Difference in American History”.

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What happens when the people who invest billions of dollars from private investors are people who think like the government does? Tonight: The Curious Case of John Corzine.

Originally aired 11/02/11 on “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano” on Fox Business Network

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Rawls and Nozick on Liberty & Equality

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Prof. James Otteson discusses the philosophers John Rawls and Robert Nozick, and their different views on liberty and equality. Rawls considered equality to be the moral benchmark for all social and political institutions, and felt that any deviation from equality must be specially justified. Nozick, on the other hand, considered liberty to be the more important value. He pointed out that there is an inevitable tension between liberty and equality: to maintain equal distribution in society, a central planner would have to constantly interfere with people’s personal choices. Alternatively, if a central planner left people free to make independent choices, any patterns of equality would ultimately be disrupted.

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SA@TheDC – Why Can’t We Afford Irene?

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We’re spending nearly $10 billion each month on nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Why many conservatives are really afraid of this debate.

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American Spectator Dead Wrong on Ron Paul

On August 25, 2011, in Home, by admin

Tom Woods dismantles Jeffrey Lord’s August 23, 2011 American Spectator article “Ron Paul and the Neoliberal Reeducation Campaign.”

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SA@TAC – Ronald Reagan: Isolationist

On June 28, 2011, in Home, by admin

The 40th President of the United States would not be welcome in John McCain’s Republican Party.

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President Obama’s illegal war in Libya inspires not only Republican opposition but signs of a conservative reawakening.

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SA@TAC – John McCain Supports Al-Qaeda

On April 25, 2011, in Home, by admin

The Arizona Senator now expresses his support for America’s sworn enemy.

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