On September 2, 2008, the Rally for the Republic brought over 10000 activists to Minneapolis’ Target Center to proclaim their steadfast belief in limited government and personal liberties. The Rally capped three days of grassroots events and officially kicked off Campaign for Liberty. This “Complete Program” DVD captures all the memorable speeches from Tucker Carlson, Howard Phillips, Doug Wead, Tom Woods, Grover Norquist, Lew Rockwell, Bill Kauffman, Bruce Fein, Jesse Ventura, John Tate, Gary Johnson, Adam Kokesh, Barry Goldwater, Jr., and Congressman Ron Paul, along with special guests John McManus and Olympic Gold Medalist Erik Vendt. Also included are special musical performances from Jimmie Vaughan and Aimee Allen. A bonus disc contains highlights from the Rally and The Ron Paul Nation Celebration, as well as Three Days in Minneapolis, a mini-documentary about the historic event. With the Rally for the Republic: Complete Program DVD, you can relive the passion and power of the freedom movement’s biggest celebration time and again. Trailer Music: Long Road Ahead by Kevin MacLeod