Just Melvin, Just Evil

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Just Melvin, Just EvilJust Melvin, Just Evil is a many unfortunate documentary you’ll ever see. It is a really tough to find documentary about a worried family of Melvin Just, a male roughly too immorality to be believed.

In it, they fact their practice of abuse over decades, during his hands, even revelation to meaningful of a murder he committed to keep his crimes quiet.

Four generations of sexual abuse, substance abuse, terrible secrets, neglect, and assault are explored in Just Melvin, Just Evil. In a vast American family scorched by ethanol and suppressed trauma, it seems that usually one member “made it out.”

This male is James Ronald Whitney, who was dauntless adequate to use this documentary as an opening to try his family’s history, acid for answers (and closure) to a fear suffered by himself and his relatives.

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Warning: Contains scenes that some viewers might find disturbing

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