Culture in Decline: What Democracy?

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Culture in Decline: What Democracy?From a creator of a zeitgeist film series, Peter Joseph, comes a misfortune existence uncover of all time: a genuine one. This opening uncover addresses a entrance 2012 US Presidential Election and a theme of what we understand as “Democracy” in a universe today.

The good famous disciple of a systematic suspicion Carl Sagan once invited a question: If we are visited by a higher class from another partial of a universe and forced to explain to them a stewardship of a planet, not to discuss a state of a tellurian affairs today, would we be unapproachable of what we describe?

How do we support a reason that roughly half of a world, over 3 billion people, are possibly hardly flourishing in contemptible misery and sickness, or are simply failing off unnecessarily during a rate of about one chairman each integrate of seconds, all occurring in a arise of an modernized technological realities.

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