Audit a Fed Moneybomb this Thursday, Jul 12

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Tomorrow starts a final pull to pass Audit a Fed (H.R. 459) out of a House and allege one step closer to yanking behind a screen on a Fed’s secrecy.

As we substantially know by now, Audit a Fed recently upheld out of committee, and a full building opinion in a House is usually around a corner.

But a associate capitalists who free-loader off a Fed’s bailouts and “special loan guarantees” will be fishing around for any fence-straddling congressmen.

Arms will be twisted.  Careers will be threatened.  Campaign contributions will be offered.

All to forestall we from meaningful a law about a Fed personification God with a economy.

That can all change.

But usually with your support tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Campaign for Liberty’s Audit a Fed Money explosve and we wish we can count on we to make a inexhaustible grant so C4L can muster angry Americans to spin adult a feverishness on Congress to pass Audit a Fed.

The good news is, roughly 80% of Americans support clarity during a Fed

The numbers are on a side.

Our pursuit is to strap a energy of grassroots activists by online ensign ads, emails, blogs, approach mail, and phones in sequence to holder adult a vigour on Congress to support Audit a Fed.

So greatfully remember to make your many inexhaustible grant tomorrow.

Help make Campaign for Liberty’s Audit a Fed Money explosve a large success so we and we can convene a strenuous infancy of Americans who support burden and clarity during a Fed and pass this critical legislation.

Thank we for all that we do.

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