Lugovoy Lie Detector Test: Who Killed Litvinenko?State Duma emissary Andrey Lugovoy, who a UK considers a categorical think in a murdering of former FSB officer Aleksandr Litvinenko, did not dedicate a murder, a British distortion detector exam shows.

Lugovoy was asked several questions in tie with a 2006 death of Litvinenko by a British Polygraph Association in Moscow. Asked if he had directly or indirectly contributed to a death, and either he had dealt with polonium, he replied “no” to all questions.

Aleksander Litvinenko died from poisoning by a hot piece polonium 210 in Nov 2006 in a London hospital. British authorities indicted Lugovoy of being concerned in a murder, while he maintains his innocence. The occurrence severely shop-worn family between Russia and a UK.

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