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While [Obama] was austere about squeezing a quarrel and improving family with a Muslim world, he has followed a metastasizing rivalry into new and dangerous lands. When he relates his lawyering skills to counterterrorism, it is customarily to enable, not constrain, his inhuman debate opposite Al Qaeda — even when it comes to murdering an American minister in Yemen, a preference that Mr. Obama told colleagues was “an easy one.”
- New York Times

Foreign Policy

New York Times – Secret “Kill List” tests Obama’s beliefs and will

Fox News – US reportedly skeleton to arm Italy’s drones

Washington Times – NATO kills comparison al Qaeda personality in Afghanistan

Transportation Security Administration

Huffington Post – 5 things a TSA doesn’t wish we to see (VIDEO)

Gun Control

MLive – Michigan voters foster gun carrying rally

Food Choice

Natural News - Minnesota moms threatend with rapist charges for uninformed food distrubtution from internal farms

Religious Freedom

Washington Times - Catholics’ charge fit draws dividing line for Obama

Cap and Trade

Washington Examiner – Obama’s lame steep devise to pass cap and trade

Federal Reserve

Yahoo Finance – Fed: Several members could support serve easing

Seeking Alpha – The Fed’s process of low interests rates is spiteful a economy


Reuters – Regulation tip risk seen by appetite companies: U.S. study

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