Liberty NewsWire: May 24, 2012

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“What if a sovereign supervision could write any law, umpire any function and taxation any event, no matter what a Constitution authorized? What if a infancy in Congress rejects a thought of singular supervision and views a Constitution as extenuation it sweeping energy to do whatever it can get divided with? What if a inherent breach on a government’s holding of life, autocracy or skill but due routine of law is usually for uncover and is not for real?”–Townhall

Individual Liberty

Townhall – Judge Andrew Napolitano: What if We Have Only Memories of Freedom?

Salon - The Warrantless Spying Fight

Wall Street Journal - TSA, Under Fire, Wants to Upgrade Its Service


Washington Post – U.S. Trade Chief Says Europe’s Financial Struggles Weigh on Trade Talks, Threaten Global Markets


Fortune – Even With a High Court Win, Obamacare Won’t Work


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