SciShow: Chemistry

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SciShow: ChemistryHank talks about a glossy component that has preoccupied humans for millenia; and everyone’s favorite squeaky-voice gas and because it’s critical for some-more than celebration balloons.

Why a adore event with a singular earth elements has a dim side; and a awesomeness of a periodic list and a talent of a male who invented it.

A sweet-tasting piece we humans only adore – where it comes from, because we need it and how we could maybe mount to adore it a small less.

Hank delves into a sum about that really renouned substance: caffeine; a story of his favorite talent lady scientist and hot superhero, Marie Curie; and a high fructose corn syrup – a new “dark duke of nutrition” – to assistance explain a ambiguities around all a claims being done about it.

Hank explains a scholarship behind a effects of that wackiest of weeds, cannabis sativa – aka marijuana; and a male behind a periodic list – a shining Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev.

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Watch a full documentary now (playlist – 47 minutes)


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