The Fuck-It Point

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The Fuck-It Point[The Fuck-It Point]: When we have had enough. When we confirm to take matter into your possess hands and don’t caring what’s going to occur to you. When we know that from now on we will conflict with whatever tactic we consider is many effective.

A film about a dim side of civilization, since we should move it down and since many courteous people don’t.

People from civilization are quick to indicate out that we can't “go back” to sport and entertainment “stone age life”, there isn’t adequate furious diversion left for us all and furious fruits and plants can't fill a stomachs.

But demeanour during societies with “stone age” techniques; their smallest consumption, their ability to self sustain though spiritless a land or make non-human class go archaic and their ability to tarry impassioned conditions.

In contrariety it is blatantly apparent that if a courteous continue a trail they are on we are all streamer for disaster.

There seem to be no approach to means civilization any longer, though that competence not be such a bad thing for a rest of a world, since a fall is holding place due to a incomparable collapse: a fall of informative farrago and a detriment of biodiversity famously called earths sixth vital annihilation eventuality that is a dim side of a swell of civilization.

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