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Legislators will opinion this week on a argumentative new cybersecurity check that would concede a supervision and companies to simply sell private information, notwithstanding Internet protesters who see a offer as a hazard to online remoteness and polite rights.

The bill, famous as a Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), encourages information pity between supervision and companies to strengthen opposite cyberattacks and for a functions of homeland security.” –  See full essay immediately below.

Individual Liberty

Free Speech:

Fox News – Legislators to Vote on Controversial CISPA Bill Despite Online Protests

Reason – Blogging About a Paleo Diet Can Get You Shut Down in North Carolina

War on Drugs:

NBC New York – New Zealand Mulls Charging $100 for Pack of Cigarettes

Police State:

The Daily Caller – Law Enforcement Agencies Track Cellphones Without Warrants

Reason – Connecticut Senate Passes Bill Allowing Citizens to Record Cops So Long As a Cops Are OK With It

TSA Travel Freedom:

Daily Mail (UK) – Weeping Four-Year-Old Girl Accused of Carrying a GUN by TSA Officers After She Hugged Her Grandmother While Passing Through Security

Drones Over America:

Daily Mail (UK) – Is There a Drone in Your Neighborhood? Rise of Spy Planes Exposed After FAA is Forced to Reveal 63 Launch Sites Across U.S.

Real ID:

Springfield News-Sun – New Driver’s Licenses Will Take More Time, Proof

Foreign Policy

American Intelligence:

New York Times – Defense Department Plans New Intelligence Gathering Service


Associated Press – US-Afghan confidence agreement sends warning to al-Qaida


Chicago Tribune – U.S. puts sanctions on telecom firms in Syria, Iran

New York Times – Facing Cyberattack, Iranian Officials Disconnect Some Oil Terminals From Internet


New York Times – Egypt Rejects Registration Bids From 8 U.S. Nonprofit Groups


Reuters – Philippine South China Sea gas find might fuel China tensions         


Federal Reserve:

Fox Business – How a Fed Affects Your Life and Money

Washington Times – Fed Likely to Keep Stance on Rates and Bond Buys

IRS and Taxes:

Reason – Obama’s Taxing Psychology



Washington Post – For First Time Since Depression, More Mexicans Leave U.S. than Enter


Reason – Medicare’s Chief Actuary: Sorry, Obamacare’s Medicare Reforms Probably Aren’t Viable in a Long Term


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