Robert Caro on C-SPAN

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April 13, 2012


With a recover of a fourth volume in Robert Caro’s life work on President Lyndon Johnson, we can examination twenty-eight programs featuring Robert Caro in a C-Span Video Library. Just check out his bio page You will find a QA with a debate of a bureau where he writes. You will find a Booknotes talk with on his second volume, Means of Ascent. Mr Caro sat down with C-Span for a three-hour BookTV In Depth talk about all his works. In many other forums and interviews found on his bio page, we will find Caro deliberating how he painstakingly researches and writes, what he has schooled about Johnson, and his partnership with his wife.

Look for arriving programs on this newest volume of a LBJ history, including a stirring QA. This module will atmosphere May 6.


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