Liberty NewsWire: Apr 11, 2012

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Proponents of an online sales taxation aren’t vouchsafing adult in their pull to pierce legislation by Congress this year, notwithstanding a antithesis of regressive heavyweights.

“The Supreme Court has rightly ruled opposite forcing businesses to collect taxes for states they don’t reside in,” DeMint told The Hill in a statement. “States should concentration on obscure taxes and competing for new businesses, not augmenting taxes on businesses and Americans in other states.” – The Hill


The Hill – Online Sales Tax Battle Pits Amazon Against Norquist and Sen. DeMint

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USA Today – Obama: Tax a Rich to Help Grow a Economy

Police State

Reason – Grad Student Challenges Border Laptop Searches

The Nanny State

The Daily Caller – L.A. City Council Committee Passes Ban on Paper and Plastic Bags

Foreign Policy

Boston Globe – US Military Deaths in Afghanistan during 1,804

USA Today – Senators McCain, Lieberman Seek Arms for Syrian Rebels           


Forbes – No, a Medicare Trustee’s Report on Obamacare’s Deficit Expansion Isn’t ‘Bogus’


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