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The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a “mosque outreach” module to accumulate information on American Muslim organizations and “their constitutionally-protected beliefs and activities, though any guess of wrongdoing,” according to papers expelled by a American Civil Liberties Union.

According to a ACLU, papers uncover that a FBI categorized First Amendment-protected and other “innocuous activities” as “positive intelligence” and common it with other supervision agencies.  Mosque-goers interviewed by FBI agents were not sensitive that what they pronounced would be collected as intelligence, available and disseminated. – The Daily Caller

Police State

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TechDirt – Yet Another Story Of A Guy Arrested For Filming Police

Reason – SCOTUS Upholds Pre-Jail Strip Searches for Everyone, No Matter How Minor a Offense

War on Drugs

San Francisco Chronicle – Feds Raid Oaksterdam University, Founder’s Home

Los Angeles Times – War on Drugs Takes Center Stage as Calderon Meets With Obama


Fox New York – New York Yoga Studios Face Sales Tax


Reason – The Truth About Taxes and Regulation in Texas


Politico – Health Care Reform: Obama, a Left Take on Supreme Court

Washington Times – Obamacare Changed a Political Landscape, though it was Doomed from a Start

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