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Crowdfunding site Kickstarter has now successfully helped some-more than one plan acquire over $1 million, branch a normal indication of media prolongation on a ear. What if we could do a same thing for science? With supervision spending for a sciences on a decline, businessman Matt Salzberg saw an opportunity. He’d emanate a crowdfunding site for scientists, where researchers could get appropriation directly from a public. Last week, he and his group launched, and they’ve already got creditable researchers whose projects are roughly saved after only a few days. Could this be a destiny of publicly saved science?” – IO9 News – see full essay below.

Individual Liberty


IO9 – The best new systematic thought in years

Internet Freedom:

TechDirt – UK Decides Hollywood, US Gov’t's Interests More Important Than Own Citizens; Extradites Student For Linking

TSA Travel Freedom: – Major US Airport To Evict TSA Screeners

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek – TSA Chief Pistole Pressed to Expand Private Screeners

Police State:

Reason – Meet Maj. Joseph Floyd, Leading Candidate for Most Crooked Cop in America

Drug War:

Reason – California Dispensary Fights City Extortion Scheme, Gets Raided By DEA Twice in Four Months

The State Journal (Frankfort, KY) – Medical Marijuana Bill Stalled in Committee

Huffington Post – Angel Raich, Cancer Patient, Kicked Out of Hospital for Using Medical Marijuana

Gun Control:

The Washington Post – D.C.’s Gun Law Deception

Foreign Policy


New York Times – Long-Planned Visit Lands Panetta in Tense Afghanistan

Daily Caller – Pentagon Spending Heavily on Propaganda Ops


Bloomberg – Three of Four Americans Oppose Israeli Strike on Iran          

Economic Issues

Federal Reserve:

USA Today – Federal Reserve Annual Stress Test Fails 4 of 19 Big Banks

Forbes – Dow Could Drop 50% When Fed Fix Ends


Reason – Wind Energy Tax Credits Defeated in Senate

The Foundry – Energy Secretary Chu Tries to Walk Back His Desire for Higher Gas Prices

Forbes – Rand Paul Scolds DOE Auditor For Ignoring Solyndra



Town Hall – Surprise: Obamacare’s Price Tag Nearly Doubles

Washington Examiner – CBO boosts a Obamacare Medicaid cost estimate

The Daily Caller – $1 termination surcharge in Obamacare

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