Even Pat Robertson Says to Legalize Pot!

On March 9, 2012, in Home, by admin

Hallelujah!  Pat Robertson recognizes that a drug fight has failed.  Reported a New York Times:

Of a many roles Pat Robertson has insincere over his five-decade-long career as an devout personality — including presidential claimant and provocative voice of a right wing — his newest guise might maybe warn his supporters a most: marijuana legalization advocate.

“I unequivocally trust we should provide pot a approach we provide libation alcohol,” Mr. Robertson pronounced in an talk on Wednesday. “I’ve never used pot and we don’t intend to, though it’s only one of those things that we think: this fight on drugs only hasn’t succeeded.”

Perhaps now some of a regressive politicians who find his support will correct adult as well.  Treat drug use as a health and dignified issue, not a rapist law question.  America would afterwards be both freer and healthier.


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